Duncan Capicchiano

Duncan Capicchiano and Fiona Chin are a husband and wife naturopath duo that co-founded KidneyCoach.com, created The Kidney Disease Solution and helped thousands of patients reverse kidney disease, make long-lasting, all-natural recoveries and discover a way of life they can be happy and healthy with for years and years to come. They’ve combined everything they teach in their practice (including how to understand kidney health and disease, how to reduce or eliminate symptoms, and how to stop or even reverse kidney disease) and put it into one comprehensive resource, The Kidney Disease Solution. About Duncan Capicchiano Duncan’s work as a qualified naturopath runs in the family. He’s a second generation professional in this field but the biggest impression his mother’s work made on him was as much about changing lives as learning the science. “I remember being fascinated by watching her treat patients at our home clinic when I was growing up,” Duncan said. “She has a real passion for helping people to heal themselves, and she’s definitely passed that on to me!” After getting his Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy in 2002, Duncan, along with his wife Fiona, practiced a number of years before founding their own natural wellness clinic in 2008. Within a few short years, this natural wellness clinic became one of the premier centers in Australia for holistic health and wellness. Inspired by an incredible true-to-life story about his wife’s Nanna (see “About Fiona Chin” for the full story), he has committed his expertise to helping people naturally heal themselves from kidney disease. After years of practical experience, intensive medical research and trials, Duncan has come upon a proven formula, which is everything included in The Kidney Disease Solution. As of today, over 25,000 people have halted or reversed their kidney disease entirely, just by following this solution. With The Kidney Disease Solution, Duncan hopes to get this into the hands of as many kidney sufferers as he can, so everyone can benefit from a kidney restoration program that actually works! “I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge with every single person that can benefit from it,” Duncan said.