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In Native American tradition, the Blue Heron is a Totem Animal for self-knowledge. Spiritual and physical health through self-realization and self-analyzing. The Blue Heron is a lone hunter. It relies on itself and stands on it’s own feet. That is the purpose of Blue Heron Health News. To help you take responsibility for your own health. To stand on your own feet and improve your health using various natural methods taught in our guides and articles. And there is another aspect of the Blue Heron. Although it stands steady in the water when hunting, it can quickly take off and travel to distant areas. In the same way, Blue Heron Health News has no borders. Our readers are from all parts of the world. And our knowledge also comes from all over the world. I however didn’t know all this decades ago when I ran into my first Blue Heron. As I was quietly fishing in a small creek in the beautiful woods of northern Pennsylvania, my mind had become totally empty. Unknowingly, I was becoming one with the forest. Something caught my attention and I slowly looked up. There in front of me, no more than three feet away, was a giant Blue Heron. As big as a person. Our eyes met and silently I knew that he had accepted me as part of the forest, part of the magic, part of his world. At that moment we were just two lonely hunters, going after the same prey. We were the same. In my live I’ve always been a hunter. But instead of hunting for prey, I more often hunt for solutions. Because where there is a problem, there has to be a solution. It must be a solution that’s in harmony with the world in which we live. For the last ten years, I’ve self-published many of my findings over the Internet. My articles have been published on numerous websites. Thousands of people have emailed me phrasing the results they received. That’s what makes everything worthwhile. But it’s only so much one hunter can do. In my search for natural health solutions, I’ve been fortunate to run into many like-minded people. “Human Blue Herons,” also hunting for natural health solutions. And some of them had quite a catch under their belts. In fact, I began to realize the information those fellow hunters held was so valuable, it needed to be shared with the world. That’s the purpose of Blue Heron Health News. Blue Heron Health News already published several natural health guides (found on the left-hand side of this page) and we intend to keep on going at full speed. Our goal is to eventually address every health issue under the sun and present natural solutions to deal with them. So you, too, may gain natural health and take off as the Blue Heron. Warm regards, Blue Heron Health News